Rise of the Tomb Raider GTX 1070 Issue

About 75% of the time that I try to play Tomb Raider, my graphics card is only running at 784mhz rather than the usual 1885mhz or 2050-2075 when overclocked so the game is extremely laggy and unplayable. This issue only happens with Tomb Raider and I have no idea why. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    are your drivers up to date, and do you have any other gpu drivers that could interferr with the nvidia ones. i know this is a boring canned reply, but it does sometimes work.
  2. I had tried updating my drivers before but was still having the issue. It turns out that I had to use a driver uninstall tool in order to get rid of all of the older drivers on my system as they were interfering with the new drivers. Seems to be working fine now.
  3. Did you use ddu uninstaller and after that the new driver worked fine?
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