gtx 1060 asus dual fan minimum psu

hey guyys i just orderd this gpu
its gtx 1060 asus dual fan 3gb
i've some Questions
Q: is this better than evga and gigabyte etc mini which has 1fan only
Q: is asus dual fan series good?
Q:is seasonic 500 80+bronze enough for this gpu
Q:will this fit in asrock h61 vs3 which is mini mobo?
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    I have an ASUS GTX 970, and it is a fantastic card, and there is not much difference between the different manufacturers, so that'll be fine.

    The Dual fans will be a great assistance in keeping your card cooler, and the fans Asus provides, as long as they're low RPM are extremely quiet. And your PSU is more than enough to provide the power for this card, just ensure you have a 6 Pin connection on it, which you do.

    And as long as your motherboard has PCI-E 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 then you're good on that point, and your motherboard has a 3.0 x16 Slot, so that is good.
  2. thanks bro is gtx 1060 better than 970 some people told me to buy 970 but it was expensive.
  3. 3gb 1060 is pretty much about the same as a 970 with less power draw

    You made the right choice.
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