Nothing displayed on monitor (broke my cpu??)

I've just cleaned up my pc and in the process, I put out my cpu in order to clean up everything nicely (I didnt touch it though). It was bonded with my cooler so I didn't dare to force it to change the thermal paste, I basically let it how it was.
After cleaning up I plugged my stuff but nothing appeared on my monitor.
I tried to remove my graphic card and to connect my monitor with my motherboard but the same happened.

So I wonder, did I just break my CPU by plugging it wrongly in my socket (the cooler almost completely blocked my field of view so that's a high possibility)? Can I 'rectify that' or does it come from another issue? Sorry for the disturbance, I'm not that knowledgeable in computer and such

proc -amd fx-4100
graphic card- amd radeon hd 7770
mobo -Asus MSA78L-M
I have a 450w power supply and a garbage 4go ram
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  1. You may have bent pins in the CPU socket etc. From your description of the whole thing, it doesn't sound good lol...
  2. rip
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    Try clearing your CMOS. If you posted system spec it would help, but if that fails and you have double-checked everything is connected properly you need to unattach the cooler, check the cpu socket and if its ok, install cpu properly then re-apply thermal paste.
  4. Thanks for your answer! I'll try this as soon as I can
    btw I removed my cpu and every pin is fine, I have to say I'm pretty relieved
  5. That's very good news
  6. I'm pretty sure I found where did that issue come from: Because the heat sink was glued to my CPU, I directly plugged it in its socket. So I didnt put up and down that small "wire" (idk how to call it). Anyways, I'm just gonna use a heat gun and some alcohol to separate them smoothly in order to install the cpu correctly. Thank you very much Multipack for your answers!
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