Do I need an AMP/DAC with my Asus Maximus VIII Ranger?

Ok, so currently I have a PC that contains an Asus Maximus VIII Ranger motherboard which, according to Asus has its own nice set of audio implementations thanks to SupremeFX audio. Now currently I am using a Steelseries Siberia V2 gaming headset but I am thinking of upgrading to a nice pair of headphones. Currently I am looking at the Sennheiser 600 HD. These are some high end headphones and doing some research most people recommend getting a seperate AMP/DAC for them.

However with the Ranger I was wondering if that is even necessary. The DAC in the SupremeFX is shielded so it experiences no interference from the motherboard (and according to the internet is fairly good DAC). The board also has a special built in amp (Sonic Sense Amp) that can provide up to 600 ohms of impedence (the headphones require 300), the Sonic Studio II software built into the audio driver detects the headphone impedence and automatically sets the correct amp.
Are these built in features of the SupremeFX in the Ranger enough or is it still advised to get a seperate DAC/AMP?

More information about the SupremeFX audio on the Ranger can be found here:
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    The board can drive those headphones. If you are satisfied with the sound that it provides, you won't need a DAC or amp.
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