Can't put screen resolution higher than 1280-1024 on new boot drive

So recently I bought a new SSD (Samsung EVO 850 250gb) for my computer to boot from. I installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bits on it (The same installed on my old HDD boot drive).
But when I boot from my new SSD, windows looks more pixelated and different than when I boot from my HDD. There's two main problems:
1. I can't put the screen resolution higher than 1280-1024 via windows. (While on my HDD I can set the screen resolution to 1920-1080)
2. Windows transparent theme won't work. I have tried to turn it on, and read multiple forums about it, but for some reason when I try to change it, it says my graphics card (Geforce GTX 770) can't support transparent theme, which is weird considering it does work when I boot from my HDD.

My monitor is an LG LED 22m45.

If anybody has got any idea why this might be so, or how to fix it, please reply.

Ps. I am not too handy with computer, so please try and explain it in a simplistic way if possible.

Thank you in advance.
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    It sounds to me as if you did not install the drivers specific to your video card on the new instance of Windows.
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