Whats the best gaming/workstation laptop right now?

Hey i'm looking to buy a new laptop soon. I'm mainly gonna use it to play games like tomb raider and do some graphics rendering also. I would prefer a desktop cpu for the lap if possible but my main concern is mobility as i travel frequently, so Sager is too bulky for my needs. Should i go with msi or asus rog? The maximum i can spend on the laptop is $4000 but would prefer something cheaper if possible.
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  1. Sager makes some thin laptops, plus they are vastly more reliable and you get more for less money.

    Msi won't allow any upgrades without voiding warranty and Asus laptops keep having motherboard failures.
  2. I definitely agree with Purple's answer. Sager's is definitely a better option and more powerful option in most cases. In addition it cost less in most cases. Take a close look at them, they actually have some that are comparable in size to MSI and Acer but you get a lot more computer for your money.
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    Workstations and gaming don't go together very well as they use different gpus. For workstations, get a quadrino or amd firepro as they are better for rendering. For gaming, geforce gpus are used, ie the gtx range. My best suggestion is to look at the lenovo p range, hp zbook range or the dell precision range as they are designed for workstation.

    Alternatively, you could look at barebone laptops like sagar and see if they have a workstation rage.
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