PC Shutsdown/Restarts and Monitor,Keyboard,Mouse off but FANS and CPU are ON.

I have an old and a basic rig. The specs are :-

i5-2310 Intel Processor
DH61WW Intel Mobo
Corsair VS450
Samsung Monitor
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD.
Windows 10.

The problem which i'am facing from a very long time is my PC shutsdown/restarts without any error or code. The monitor is OFF and the light on the monitor is blinking, the Keyboard and Mouse are also OFF, but the FANS and the CPU is working. I researched a bit on the web and found that my PSU was faulty, i changed my PSU 2 days back, turns out that the same problem still persists. I have tried resetting the CMOS battery, RAM, holding down the power button for 30 Seconds but the problem still persists. The PC would work fine after doing the above steps but it goes back to the same problem after some time.
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    Could be the board to if the PSU didn't help , but the VS is also a poor PSU , BUT SHOULD BE ABLE TO HANDLE THAT SETUP.
  2. The VS450 is an entry level PSU but considering the fact that it is brand new and also the setup is a basic one, i think the mobo might be faulty. Also, i wanted to know that could the issue be due to the fact that i'm running Windows 10 on a 2nd Generation Processor. Should i downgrade or change the mobo ?
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