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I'm building a PC and have already ordered most the parts and now stuck with how many m.2 SSDs I can utilize.

Now the question remains: How many PCIE slots/lanes do I have and will I be able to run SLI with dual PCIE 3.0 x4 m.2.

Also, how bad ass is this gaming setup?
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    Sorry, but your build is all over the place. 1070 sli only needs 700w psu, so even with added OC on everything and all those drives, a 1k psu would have been more than enough. Not to slander the AX1500i, it's about the best psu made, but it's overkill, overpriced for what you need.
    From what I see you've got 30Tb of storage, that's about 25Gb more than you'll ever use gaming. You should return most of that. A 1Tb 950 M.2, and either 1x hdd or 2-3 850 ssd would be more than sufficient. You can always add storage if needed, but buying it and never using it is just a waste of money.

    As to M.2 lanes, they are separate from the primary pcie lanes, so sli isn't an issue with integrated M.2.
  2. Overkill or not, I want the baddest system there is. Migraswell buy all the high end components right? As for the M.2, thank you, that really helped out. So It all depends on the motherboard and how many M.2 slots It has.

    - mind the down-vote, was a mistake.
  3. Having all that storage space isn't going to make your build bad ass in any way. It'll do nothing for performance whatsoever. Just the mobo and cpu and ram alone paired with the gpus do that, which will be pretty bad ass. For a truly bad ass system, you'd need to look at a 2011-3 build using 6 core i7's and upto 128Gb of ram. (16Gb is good, 32Gb too much, 128Gb only if professionaly rendering etc). Also, you could have gone with SLI titans for truly over the top bad ass, on a 4k monitor, they'd max anything. Sli 1070's is sweet, but short of really bad ass as such.

    Think of it this way, Skyrim is my largest game, it's running over 130 mods, got all the updates and expansions, everything wrapped up with all the unused mods etc still adds up to less than 40Gb. I've got a 120Gb ssd that's ¾ full and a 1Tb Hdd that's only ½ full. All my games, photos, media, windows, programs etc only add upto less than 600Gb. 30Tb is so far beyond realistic usage as to be insane. It's 50x more than what I have now, that's huge! You could load my skyrim files 750x over and most games are nowhere near as big, averaging 10-20Gb at most. That's anywhere from 1500-3000 games. You'll have hard drives that will grow old and die from mechanical failure long before they even see the first game stored on them. Just trying to put things in perspective.
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