Evga GTX 960 SSC vs Evga 950 SC or secondhand Evga GTX 770

My current system:

Asrock H110M-ITX (no case)
i5 - 6600K
HyperX Savage 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz
Transcend 64GB SSD
Evo Labs 600W PSU ( >%75 efficiency)

I`ve calculated the overall using voltage from online cooler master PSU calculater. It`s 122W.

Which one gonna be better option for me? Could you help me please

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    Either the 960 or the 770. They are both closely matched, depending on the game. The 960 beats the 770 sometimes, and the 770 beats the 960. As close as they appear, it might be better to go with the new 960. The 960 is newer and demands a lot less watts.
  2. Assuming the same price, I'd go with the 960. With performance being so similar, I'd go with the newer tech.
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