What's the worst system you've ever ran games on?

Okay, so as the title asks. What is the worst system you have ever ran games on and what games were you running?

I had a single core 2.2ghz intel cpu with an Nvidia 9500gt, and 2gb ddr3 ram that I ran Skyrim, WoW, and SC2 off of.
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  1. An Xbox 360
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  2. As a teenager, before I saved up enough to build my own PC, a friend dug a PC out of his basement for me. It was some kind of old HP, I don't remember what CPU it had, but I think it was DDR1 and still had an AGP processor. I basically said "ok, what games can this thing run?" and ended up playing Age of Mythology, Halo 1, Half Life 1, Need for Speed Underground 2...
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    K6-2/400 MHz. 32 MB RAM, ATI Rage Pro 8 MB.

    Piece of junk system. Loading games took an eternity because it had a measly 32 MB of RAM and a slow as molasses 4 gig hard disk.

    Computer after that was a P3/667 with 128 MB RAM, a quick 40 gig hard disk, and 32 MB Geforce 2 MX. Blew that thing out of the water.

    In more recent-ish times (I actually took that P3 to college, and bought a laptop as well), a Core 2 Duo/1.6 GHz laptop with the craptastic Intel 945 GMA. I'm so glad Intel has made leaps and bounds forward in their integrated graphics performance since then.

    Man, times have changed.
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  4. My guess is you were playing doom or Daggerfell?
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  5. Laptop with a Core i5-2410m and Intel HD 3000 graphics core. I ran Fallout 3, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 (all DLC installed for these games) and Star Trek Online. I ran Fallout 3 and Skyrim just for the sake of curiosity, I transferred the save files to my gaming desktop afterwards. As for Mass Effect 3 I actually completed the game twice on Insanity difficulty... low performance of 17 FPS to at most 30 FPS in some situations (I think max was typically 26 FPS) added to the challenge.
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  6. First real build was an amd athlon single core cpu running at 1.2ghz with an nvidia 5200 agp graphics card, used to play age of empires and aoe2 on it as well as NFS Hot Pursuit. It wasn't even enough to run doom 3 when it first came out.
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  7. jaguarskx said:
    ... low performance of 17 FPS to at most 30 FPS in some situations (I think max was typically 26 FPS) added to the challenge.

    It's funny you say that, my brother was running some of the batman games on an old desktop OEM, with a framerate averaging probably about 10-15, but it never seemed to bother him. The actual speed of the game slowed down, as if everything was in slow motion. I couldn't even stand to watch, one of our friends came over once and called it "the batman slide-show" :-P When my brother got my old gaming card and the framerate and game speed went up to normal, he actually found it much more difficult to play the game now that the baddies punch in real time!

    It seems that there are plenty of people that just don't notice that they are playing on low framerates, I've often sat down at a friend's PC only to end up lowering all the settings on his games in order to actually have a fluid framerate...
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  8. A Commodore 64.

    You'd wait ages for the damn game to load, watching the counter and hoping it wouldn't stop a few digits short. Then, when the game did load, you'd discover that the joystick wasn't attached properly, meaning you'd have to reload the game again.

    That's assuming you had a joystick that worked, considering how many joystick-waggling games the C64 had.
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  9. First thing i built (well expanded) was a celeron at 2.2, 768mb ram and a 9200. Managed far cry 1 and half life. Tried tom Clancy's splinter cell but performance was...iffy.
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  10. I remember running GTA 4 from a disk on my dads laptop that has an AMD Turion 64 X2 (the first dual core processor by AMD) and it ran at a silky smooth cinematic 4fps with major stuttering.

    EDIT: It had a bad Nvidia intergrated graphics card too
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  11. Lenovo z480 cpu:i5 3210
    With nvidia gt 630m
    Play metal gear solid phantom pain high 1080p
    40+ fps
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  12. I had an Intel Atom with 1gb ram, and I was able to run minecraft on lowest settings at like 20fps max, the laptop was the worst computer I have ever used.
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  13. Minecraft
    1GB Ram
    Intel Pentium 3.2GHZ dual
    Nvidia 256mb
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  14. It couldn't even run Syobon Action: The school laptops were mobile Celerons, single core, 2 GB RAM. Kinda hard to pull 30 FPS even with one blank Chrome tab open.
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