Help me to choose between GTX1060 3GB or 6GB

Hello, MSI GTX1060 3GB or 6GB better? I play video games like GTA 5, NFS Rivals and I only use 1 monitor.
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  1. Go for the 6GB version.
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    Definitely 6GB, my old GTX780 is using all 3GB in GTAV on high settings in 1080p, which gives me good frame rates, but I can see performance drops in newer titles, I'll be upgrading to GTX1080 myself, this Christmas, my advice, the more memory the better.
  3. 3gb on a 1060 is a bit like having a sports car in a country with a 20mph speed limit. To get the full potential of the 1060 you need more VRAM. Either that or buy a cheaper card.
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