samsung 850 evo 250gb wont install windows and does not show up in bios

ok so i recently got a acer aspire timelinex 3830tg with a samsung ssd 850 evo 250gb from craigslist with windows 10 on it...everything ran fine for about a week then i saw it did an update i restarted it n it said no bootable disk

i have tried downloading iso of windows 7 8.1 n 10 n ubunto but when i try to install it always come up with an error

ssd does not show up in bios but does show up in diskpart

i have tried many ways in diskpart to make it useable to install windows all has failed

i dont have any recover cd or cable to try any of those methods hoping someone has a new idea to try
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  1. Hey there, Dave.

    You've tried quite a few things already and going for Ubuntu is a good idea. However, I'd recommend that you try using Ubuntu Live USB and boot to it in order to check if the drive is properly recognized and accessible.
    Another thing you could try is to reset and/or update your BIOS, to see if that fixes things up.
    It sounds like you might have another PC to try the drive with, but this could be really helpful. If you could give it a go with a friend's PC by connecting it internally (simply as a secondary storage drive), you won't need SATA to USB adapters and you'd be able to test the SSD for errors via an SSD diagnostic tool.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how everything goes.
  2. i'll try doing the ubuntu live usb...i assume that is diff than the trial ver of ubunto which did work but didnt allow access to the hard drive but did show me the hard drive

    as for resetting or updating the bios i have been trying to look for how to do that n only have seen load it in dos into a usb but the few times i have tried it not sure why but it fail to go on the usb as bootable so if u happen to know a better method im willing to try it

    been using rufus to do my usb bootables

    i dont have a friend's comp i could use but i have the one im using now but its a real beater pos lol its a vaio vista that is super slow n half the time it doesnt want to work lol
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    About the Ubuntu, I guess I might have understood you wrong. I was under the impression that you didn't boot to the OS and that you've only tried installing it. However, if this is not the case, what I'm suggesting is to create an Ubuntu USB Live flash drive and boot to Ubuntu just to check if the drive can be accessed via that OS. Here's how to create the bootable flash drive:, the tutorial has a link for the Ubuntu download as well.

    As for the computer, as far as I know there are no Vaio desktop computers so you'd need a SATA to USB adapter, external enclosure, or a docking station if you want to try the drive with it.

    About the BIOS update, I guess the best way to approach that problem would be to consult with the User Manual for that laptop model, or if you get in touch with the computer manufacturer's customer support for more info.
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