fan for deepcool dukase(case)>>4x 120mm or 3x 140mm?

i have this case dukase that can put 2x 120mm or 1x140mm fan in front and 2x 120/140mm fan at the top.
should i go with:
a) 4x 120mm fan(2 top and 2 front)
b) 2x 120mm and 1x 140mm fan(2 top and 1 front)
c) 3x 140mm fan (2 top and 1 front)

i will also be buying the Cougar Dual X w/ Led (budget) - any thoughts in this fan?
thanks in advance
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  1. Go for option c since you get all matched 140mm fans that should all rotate at the same RPM while also maintain good airflow at those RPM's. You should know, the larger diameter fans means that per revolution of the fan blade you will be able to get more airflow and at a reduced blade noise as it cuts through the air.

    The fans you're looking at aren't that bad but what did Bitfenix Spectre Pro's do wrong? I sue them and are extremely good at reduced RPM's but move good amounts of air.
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