Whats wrong with my CPU?

so i'm starting to think somethings wrong with my CPU. i have a 4770k and a gigabyte z87x-d3h motherboard. the CPU is running at 4.0ghz on all cores and i'm getting ~60Gflops in intelburntest and with cinebench r15 my scores are well below what other people get. average for a 4770k system they say is around 820ish points and im getting 550 points consistently. i've monitored temperatures and they never go above 60C while running stress tests. i've checked my bios, reset the cmos as well. i used to get ~110Gflops in intelburntest. just tried cinebench for the first time today after i noticed intelburntest producing such low numbers.

should i be worried about my CPU or do those types of benchmarks not really matter?
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  1. Let's see some CPUZ screenshots then
  2. what do you need to see in CPU-Z?
  3. Your credit card info.

    No, but really. lets see your cpu tab - vcore, bus speed, multiplier. ref:
    Just trying to help, mate.
  4. well jeez no need to get defensive. i was just asking what in particular you were interested in

    i just noticed that the bios was running the v-core at 1.36v because it was set to "auto". must have been since i reset the bios earlier but whatever. i upped my ram speed from 1333mhz to 1800mhz and now my cinebench score is 775 with the CPU at 4.2ghz. i guess we're getting there...
  6. Yeah, looks like it has been OC'd, but poorly. You should go and reset BIOS defaults. Re-run the Cinebench R15
  7. cilliers said:
    Yeah, looks like it has been OC'd, but poorly. You should go and reset BIOS defaults. Re-run the Cinebench R15

    like i said....i did that already. got ~550pts. OC'd poorly? how condescending can you be? its OC'd perfectly fine.
  8. Also make sure you have the latest F9 BIOS version for the mobo. The BIOS version can be seen in the motherboard tab of CPUz. I see that F8 BIOS ads intel series 4 CPU support, so if you have F7 still, it might be good to flash to F9
  9. did you even read the OP or are you just on this thread to be a dink?
  10. i have the most recent bios for the motherboard. F9
  11. Best answer
    My only agenda is to help the OP to solve his problem, even if it happens at a glacial pace.

    We don't know if you reset the CMOS correctly. So resetting to BIOS, inside BIOS, might be best by selecting "reset to optimized defaults".
    If you have truly done this and still have the same problem, check the BIOS version and flash accordingly.

    We don't know how tech savvy you are, so must state obvious things sometimes to prevent mistakes.
    Nothing to do with your feelings. This is tech forum, not twitter.

    Anyways. Looks like dangus is flexing, so let's see if he can solve :p
  12. i did say i reset the bios and removed cmos battery as well. saying that it is "OCed poorly" is the condescending statement i was referring to. i overclocked my memory to 1800mhz, upped the multiplier to 4.3ghz and now i get a score of 806. since its an artificial number im going to be happy with that and call it a day. it seems cinebench is reliant on memory speed as well as CPU speed. the score i'm comparing it to is someone with the same CPU but @4.5ghz so looks like its just fine. thanks for the help!
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