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I am not able to log into my second HDD. It does not show in BIOS, but does in explorer, device manager and disk manager. Each disk has XP loaded. Unplug either disk and the other boots. Cables are good, sockets on the mobo are good, both hard drives work on their own. doesn't matter what socket or hard drive, as long as either is plugged in, it will boot. BIOS will only recognize one at a time and all options in BIOS are turned on (2 SATA and 2 PATA options in drive menu. In boot menu, only one hard drive choice plus the DVD, USB, etc. options.) No problem with the DVD drive. I do not get a boot list at start up. Now what?
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    Are those PATA disks ? If they are and both are on same cable, one of them has to be set as Master and other one Slave.
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