Will this rig work when i remove my current graphics card and replace it with a gtx 1060?

This is my current rig.
So. I want to upgrade my current graphics card into a gtx 1060. But i am not sure if the pc will work well then? I mean for gaming.
Can you please tell me if it will. If it wont then can you please tell me why.
Also here is the psu.
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  1. It should work but make sure you have a spare pcie slot(use the one closest to your cpu) and make sure you have a pcie power connectors from the psu for the gpu.You need to check the clearance to make sure your gpu fits your case.Although I'll recommend a better psu,it'll work.Also don't leave the old gpu in the motherboard and make sure you are using the display ports from the gpu
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    Well as said above that psu should work however it is pretty low quality and the 12v rails are quite weak, personally I would upgrade that psu before getting a 1060.
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