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I have detachable laptop / Tablet (having 2 HDD) one of HDD01 (32GB) is tablet in which win8.1 is installed, another HDD2 of 500GB is laptop drive for storage use.
Now the problem i face is that 32gb HDD is (C: Drive) almost full and i can't have space to in extent it.
Delete system restore point, and it is now off.
Can i extent my HDD01 to HDD02 to create space for C: drive.
no app is installing or un-installing because of low space.
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  1. You shouldn't have installed any apps to the c: drive to begin with. Uninstall them and then reiinstall them to the HDD (probably D: drive?)

    SSD's need empty space to do maintenance work, they say 20%, so your 32gb drive should have 6gb of empty space. Take that away from the 30gb of formated space the drive has an you have just under 24gb of space which is just enough for windows by itself.
    not that you still won't run into space issues because of the user folder...

    The ssd drive is often soldered to the motherbd so upgrading it it is not readily possible and eliminates the easy answer of just putting in a bigger drive.

    Hmmm. Hard symbolic links might be your solution. Read up on it and see what you think.
  2. most of the time they have a MicroSD slot and you would probably need to use that.

    You would have to do things like

    Install programs to other drive but C
    Move user folder off C
    possibly even move entire profile (not recommened) off C
    disable Pagefile or move off of C
    disable Hibernation ( Open command prompt with admin privg - type this

    powercfg -h off

    that will free up the same amount of space as you have RAM IF it is on.
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    Bottom line: A 32GB drive is 'too small' for the OS drive.

    It works, but you are continuously managing space on it.
    I have an Asus Transformer with a 32GB eMMC. The only reason this works is because it is simply a travel device, with almost nothing installed on it. Any actual data gets stored on the 64GB SD card.

    You need to move some stuff off that C drive.
    Redirect your Libraries
    Win 8.1 & 10:

    As above, turn off hibernation
    Check your pagefile size and location.

    Even then, with only the OS...32GB is not enough.
  4. yea i have a Microcenter Winbook. Dual core atom, 32 GB eMMC, 2GB Ram and then i have a 32 SD card in there.

    after I upgraded to windows 10 I went in and erased the Recovery partition. Gave me a few extra gigs. But even then i have things like office and a few other programs installed without issue on the C drive with till 10 or so GB left. I just have all my User Folders pointed to the SD Card.
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