Urgent: PC all of a sudden won't display anything. No splash screen/bios! Asus H81m-plus

I bought this computer over a year ago, and it has been working fine..until today.

Asus H81M-Plus
i7 4790k
Zotac gtx 970
Aerocool integrator 600w PSU
16gb Team Elite Ram
Zalman z11 neo case

Earlier, my computer was moved and was grabbed from the top (seriously, wtf) which must have dislodged something, because after that, there was nothing on either of my screens. Then I unplugged the second monitor, to see my main monitor displaying the dreaded boot loop (couldn't access bios). I then opened the case to have a look, but now there is nothing being displayed at all. Everything turns on fine; fans spin, LEDs are active etc

I took out the ram and video card, tried it off the onboard graphics, but with no luck. Tried resetting the bios my removing the cmos battery. Nothing.

Do I need a new motherboard? Could it be a loose connection somewhere (I can't see one, and it wouldn't explain the boot loop, would it?)
This is urgent as it is my work computer :O

I appreciate any help :))
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  1. While I was fiddling, I saw the reset button was jammed in, under where the top of the case had been pushed back down. This could (and most definitely would) explain the boot loop...but why is there now nothing? Could there have been some power surge or the constant reboot burnt something out?
  2. Can anyone offer any advice?
  3. Hi. Try to unplug the reset button connector from the motherboard. Maybe it is still stuck internally. In principle, no damage can be done if the reset button is stuck. PC will simply not start.
  4. Check you power switch too, might be stuck too (that will explain the "why is there now nothing".
  5. racminer said:
    Check you power switch too, might be stuck too (that will explain the "why is there now nothing".

    Thanks for the response. There is no obstruction to the power button, and the PC starts fine - just no picture at all. At least before when the reset button was jammed, it was in a boot loop.

    I have purchased a new motherboard and a motherboard speaker..we'll see what happens. Very very strange though...
  6. Ok, I replaced the motherboard but there's still nothing being displayed. Help?
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    I think you should unplug all onnectors except for power and display. Start your mobo with a screw driver by shunting the "power on" pins. if you don't get anyhing, it's either your CPU or the RAM that's dead. I assume that you have tested that your monitor is fine.
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