can Nvidia GTX 750 ti 2gb graphics card run in my PC

My PC Specs:
cpu processor: intel Pentium G2030 @ 3.00Ghz
Mother Board:manufacture: ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.
model: H61M-CS
psu is of 800w
i have 6? pin connector

will it run????
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  1. yes, assuming it fits in the case.
    Some 750ti's don't require extra power connectors.

    Your CPU is very weak though, so don't expect to run too many games.
  2. ummm will rx 460 work in my system???????
  3. Yes, it will run... But,you should upgrade your nobo & processor
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    PCI Express = PCI Express
    It all fits and works if your power supply can hold up.

    And no worries about PCIe versions:
    For example I have a R7 250X (which uses PCIe 3.0) on a P35 motherboard (which "only" has PCIe 1.0)
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