CPU overclock : Max safe temp or Max safe voltage ?

Hi, I'm currently in the process of overclocking my i5-6600k. I have read a lot about overclocking skylake processors and the max vcore I see is between 1.35v and 1.45v.

My question is : If my temperature are fine on a stress test with 1.45v with a Noctua Nh-D15, is 1.45v ok ?

Thanks !
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  1. What temperatures are you seeing gat 1.45 voltage? And what clock speed? That is a very high voltage
  2. seems on the high side to me

    i am using 1.35v for 4.7ghz on my 6600k probably would go a bit higher but i dont see the point of excessive voltage to gain 100/200mhz

    temperature not an issue on mine full watercooling
  3. I haven't tried 1.45v yet. I am wondering if it's the voltage or the temperature that is dangerous for a cpu.
  4. its both
  5. too much temperature will cause shut down

    too much voltage can degrade the chip
  6. how high an overclock were you looking to try for?
  7. I was hoping for 4.7ghz or 4.8ghz. I just started overcloking and I am stable at 4.4ghz, 1.35v and 60 degrees using the stress test x264 from
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    4.7ghz and 4.8ghz might be beyond your air cooler or on its limits

    i would aim for 4.5/4.6ghz and see temps then decide and my personal choice would be 1.4v max

    but i was happy at 4.7ghz at 1.35v another 100/200mhz didnt seem worth the extra voltage it would take to me
  9. and theres no guarantee any way your chip will do 4.7ghz+ its the luck of the silicon lottery how high it will go
  10. My 4790k was able to do 4.8ghz at 1.32v. I did not want to go further than that. 1.45v seems high for skylake but I know people do it.
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