Will upgrading CPU improve my FPS in gaming?

I have an i5-6500 that i may end up giving to a friend for a computer im building for him, and i will probably upgrade to an i7-6700k. I mostly play games, especially graphically demanding AAA games. I have 2 970's in sli and im wondering if upgrading to an i7-6700k would improve my FPS
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    Some games maybe, but many no it will not. The i5 is right around the sweet spot for most games. Unless the game is CPU intensive you will only notice a small difference.
  2. The i7 has a slight clockspeed advantage and 4 extra threads. In well-threaded games you can expect a noticeable improvement, but if you're gaming at 60hz and your CPU-bound max framerate increases from 80 to 100, it's rather pointless.
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