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Okay so I built a new gaming PC a couple of months ago. I bought the components as and when I could afford them. The first thing I bought was a Asus 980ti Matrix Platinum so I put it into my old machine (i5 2500k with 8gb of RAM) and it's performance was excellent. It scored over 12000 in Firestrike. When I finally finished my new machine I ran Firestrike again it scored 1000 points less despite running with an FX 8350 and 16gb of RAM. It was also prone to crashing regularly in certain games and telling me to update my display drivers. I did some research online and it seemed that the motherboard may have been faulty. Tonight I've installed a replacement motherboard of the same type and it doesn't seem to be performing any better. Is it possible that I've been sent another faulty mobo or is the MSI 990fxa Gaming just a bit rubbish? Or is the problem something completely different? Sorry if this seems a bit rambling I'm just at my wits end here!

System specs:
AMD FX 8350
MSI 990fxa Gaming motherboard
Corsair H60i cooler
16gb HyperX Fury DDR3 1866 RAM
Asus Matrix Platinum 980ti
Corsair CX750 PSU
SanDisk 512gb SSD
Corsair Vengeance C70 Case
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    Sorry but the FX8350 is a fairly weak gaming cpu and is bottlenecking your GTX980ti probably by a lot.
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