GTX 1070 G1 Gaming seems to perform worse than Zotac 1070 Amp Extreme

I have the gtx 1070 g1 gaming from gigabyte which seems to be acting very weird, in rainbow six siege and fallout 4 my card gets extremely bad fps drops, it can change from a stable 60 fps to around 20 - 25 fps. This problem was confirmed by my friend who bought the Zotac 1070 Amp Extreme card. We ran the same benchamark on exact same settings and the score was almost 700 points different.
My PC build is:
MSI Krait gaming 3x mobo
Intel Core i5 6600k @ 4.6GHz
Corsair Vengance 16gb ddr4 @ 3000MHz
750W Gold EVGA PSU
Monitor: LG 29UM68-P

We used heaven benchmark set to:
Ultra quality
Tessellation: Extreme
Stereo 3D: Disabled
Multi-Monitor: Disabled
AA: x8
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    The Zotac Amp Extreme card is the best factory OC card on the market, the benchmarks will be better than any other card out of the box, start tweaking thats a different story, but as far out of the box performance (plug and play) Zotac is better.

    But regardless of that any 1070 should be running perfectly fine at 1080p maxed out settings.
    Monitor the performance of the card itself, pascal cards tend to throttle badly when they overheat (and unfortunately it doesn't take much) if it is overheating I would tweak the fan settings and see if you can turn them up.
    I don't know about the 1070 but I know my 1080 slows down A TON at 70*C, so I do whatever I can to prevent that from happening.
    But monitor the GPU while you game and see what it does. (Temp, Clock, Mem Clock, etc.)
  2. Thanks dude i figured that it was throttling when i put afterburners OSD on ingame and saw the temps hit 65*C.
  3. If it's throttling you should see the temp be higher than that, 65*C is the bottom of the "hot" range. You'll notice the clock speed drop big time if it's throttling, as well as the temp being well over 75*C. The framerate drop will be fairly consistent as well. But if you are experiencing consistently low framerates after you have been playing for a while thats definitely throttling.

    I would invest in as much cooling capability as you can afford for your case or your home. I noticed my air cooler was increasing my case temperature, thankfully I only had an intel stock cooler, but when I went to AIO liquid cpu cooling my case temp dropped a few degrees across the board.

    I also have a Corsair 750D Airflow with 2 140mm intakes and 3 140mm exhausts with 2 of the exhaust being mounted on the radiator blowing out of the case. As far as ambient temperature my apartment is kept at 71*F, and I keep my ceiling fan on high, I almost never get above 55*C on my GPU and that is the hottest component. And I still want to upgrade to some Corsair ML140s when I get the $200 or so to do it.

    Just some thoughts I have no idea what kind of setup you have it might be better than mine
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