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Hi. I have recently been having an issue in which my mouse DPI changes every time I start my computer after it has been shut down. By that I mean the DPI will not change if i just restart my computer for some reason. I have a Razer Naga Epic mouse and i am running Razer Rynapse 1.18. It started when i first changed my DPI from the default 1800, to my new DPI, 400 a few weeks ago (all in Razer Synapse). Ever since that date it has been resetting on the startup. But that is not the weird part. What is odd about the problem is that the DPI go from being noticeably high on the startup, like it was before i first changed it, to going back to normal. But the dpi only goes back to normal after i open Razer Synapse. So every time i start my computer for the past two weeks I have to open Razer Synapse or the DPI will be what it used to be. One Razer Synapse is loaded the DPI will automatically change back to 400. I am not sure what I should do and I am getting tired of having to open Razer Synapse every time I start my computer if I want my DPI to be what i want it to be again. By the way the DPI will remain at what I want it to be until the computer is shutdown and rebooted. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Two suggestions:

    Right click an empty area of your desktop and see if you can find some additional configuration settings for your mouse. Those settings (1800) may apply at boot time versus the desired 400 via Synapse.

    Check Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices

    Perhaps launching Razer Synapse at boot time/startup will also set the DPI as you need it to be.
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