PC Freezes on Bios Splash Screen. HELP

So basically it all started when i was playing around with HDDs and connecting some to my pc via sata 3 and i did a disk check on one with a program so it said it needed to restart my pc to fix it. I did exactly that, it turned off then turned on then back off and back on and froze on the bios splash screen. It made weird screeching noises through my speakers and had like blue pixels at the top on my monitor.
My PC specs -
CPU i7 6700k
DDR4 HyperX Fury 16GB (4x4)
GPU - Radeon sapphire r7 370 2gb
SSD sandisk 240GB (boot drive)
And like 650 Watt PSU

So ive tried doing -
unplugging all the hdds i tried installing
unplugged EVERYTHING drive inc ssd and hdd
unplugged all the usb ports
Taken out the GPU
Reset CMOS by taking the battery out.

And that all being said i still cannot get past my gigabyte splash screen.
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  1. HyperX Fury 16GB (4x4)

    Do you think you can identify the part number of the memory you installed?
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    It seems to be working now, I was using a program called IOBit advanced system care and it was using a disk doctor to fix my hdds and it would recommend restarting my computer which it did. However it seemed to have froze on the logo on boot BUT it was actually taking awhile to configure i guess. By waiting like 10 minutes+ it bypassed the splash screen and started my pc normally
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