zotac 1060 6gb vs gigabyte g1 1060 6b

gigabyte g1 gaming cost 30-31 $ more than zotac 1060 6gb for its dual fan built...
but how much this gigabyte is actually how much temperature can it cool compared to zotac....
i don't mind spending more on 30$...but at same time i also don't like to waste it..
plz suggest if gigabyte is worth it?
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  1. Just get the cheaper one they are all almost the same you may get a little bit better cooling on the G1 gaming nothing more.
  2. where did you manage to find a 5GB gtx 1060? They only come in 3GB and 6GB models AFAIK. Please link both cards, both manufacturers have multiple models of the 1060 and it's impossible to tell which you're talking about. Also for future reference you should post this question to graphics cards next time.
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    Assuming they're both 6GB cards, then no, there's not going to be a big difference between them. If you really like overclocking, the Gigabyte might get a few more MHz, but nothing that will alter your experience in a noticeable way. Both cards will run cool enough such that lifespan is not affected.
  4. typing mistakes..both 6 gb :)
  5. Personally, I would get the cheaper one - the level of overclock depends more on silicon lottery than getting one of the fancier cards. I always end up getting Zotac's cheapest, and I've been lucky to get 6 out of 6 cards that overclocked very well in the past year. All Maxwells (so around 1000-1100MHz stock), 4 in the 1400+ range and 2 that got to over 1500.
  6. so gigabyte won't show a good 6-7 % temperature drop?
  7. It probably will - but what will that actually get you? The answer is nothing but bragging rights.
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