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I had 11gb free on my ssd which primary drive but I have my OS installed on it. I have a secondary 1tb hd as my main storage drive and I had to copy over some pictures off a phone worth about 1 gb of photos and contacts onto my storage drive. IN the process I downloaded an iphone recovery software to get the contacts off the phone. But now my SSD which I have moved nothing to now has 331mb of storage space left on it? I have gone through to see if anything has been installed on it and moved over and I cant seem to figure out why I would only have 331 mb on it? any help would be much appreciated. Also it keeps fluctuating between 318 and 331 and whatever else it decides is the right amount of storage space left on it.
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    That iphone recovery thing likely downloaded the entirety of the phone storage to the SSD.
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