Game crashes since installing new GPU

I recently upgraded from a GTX 660 SC to a GTX 1070. At first, the games I tried were all fine, however I can no longer play GTA V or Euro Truck Simulator 2. GTA, when launched from inside and outside of Steam, shows the Rockstar social club loading screen, however every time I get a Windows error telling me it has stopped working and ETS2 crashes whenever I try and load into the driving (menu works).

I have the latest drivers for my GPU and cannot figure out why this is happening. All help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Run the driver installer again. Select a manual install. Should be an option for a clean install. This will remove all remnants of the drivers before re-installing again.

    Ideally you should be running a late revision of Windows 10 to be using a Pascal card (never thought I would have to say that, but seems to be the way they went this time)

    After that, we could look at power and motherboard compatibility, but I highly suspect a software problem.
  2. I did the driver re installation however this didn't fix the problem :(
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