At what point will the silicon lottery have more of an impact than changing the cooler?

Nearly all the games I play are CPU-intensive games. I plan to use the i5-6600K and RX 470 or RX 480 (I want to go Team Red for graphics card). I am choosing between:
- Cryorig H5 ($45)
- Cryorig R1 ($90)

If I use G.Skill Aegis RAM or G.Skill NS RAM will I be able to use the non-Universal coolers?
At what point will the silicon lottery have more of an impact than changing the cooler?
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  1. Some of it will depend on your ambient temps, case airflow etc. If you're using lower profile ram, the noctua nh-d14 usually falls in between those two prices and cools as well as the r1. You'd also be able to use the r1 ultimate with low profile ram. Part of it depends on how hard you want to push your overclock as well as the lottery. Are you ok with a 4.4ghz oc, are you shooting for 4.8ghz? It's possible you may get a cpu that has difficulty going past 4.3 or 4.4ghz regardless of which cooler you use.
  2. With any good cooler, the silicon lottery is the limiting factor on Skylake. you will hit the proverbial wall way before thermals become an issue. Even a Cryorig H7 will do.
  3. Keep checking for deals on the R9 Fury before you get either an RX 470 or 480. Some incredible deals for the Sapphire Nitro roaming around.
  4. Currently a sapphire Fury is on a this week deal on

    If you live in the Uk by chance.

    For £280. Hardware locked though so no bios modding to make em into Fury X models i`m afraid guys n girls.
    3584 stream shaders on them vs the 2304 you get on a RX 480 card.
    1280 more than a RX 480 model.

    Odd you should mention it RCFprod, bought mine a few weeks ago when I saw the price drop on them, far more powerful than a RX 480 card by a long way. Better choice.

    Really happy with it for the price of £280 plus the free shipping, delivery overclockers offered. They also run very cool under load

    If anyone is interested, hop over to there website for a look.

  5. ^ It's possibly the current best price/performance GPU with the prices now being so low for it too, oddly enough specifically for the Sapphire Nitro. Other models have never dropped below regular prices, which I find strange. Who is really buying R9 Fury Not-Sapphire Nitro's at this point?

    Anyways, if my games didn't favor Nvidia so much, I would've gotten one too. For example, I got a 144Hz Monitor and all of the FIFA games which I play competitively only support true 144 FPS (With sync options) on Nvidia cards. It's not really on purpose, just poor coding on AMD's and Fifa's side, which after 3 years, is still a problem in FIFA..
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    I'm not sure if pricing is different in europe vs the u.s. among the various cards. The sapphire nitro fury I found on sale in the u.s. for $310 is the 4gb model. For $20 less someone can buy the gtx 1060 with 6gb vram and the 1060 comes close to taking on the fury x. The fury might have a very slight advantage at 1440p but the 1060 also likely runs cooler and consumes a lot less power. Some tradeoffs that might make the 1060 worth considering if the budget for a gpu is around the $300 mark.

    Edit, I take that back, there are some other 6gb gtx 1060's at the $250 range. Even the discounted fury might be losing a bit of ground to the 1060 in terms of performance/price and the power savings are just bonus.
  7. Not sure if comparing 4GB HBM to 6GB GDDR5 is fair though, especially at 1080p resolution. Technique wise It's not really apples vs apples.

    Not sure where you're seeing the GTX 1060 comes close to the R9 Fury X, but as far as I'm aware, the R9 Fury is the higher performer in general (As per Crimson's last driver). Regardless of R9 Fury's power draw which can be undervolted without a big performance loss.

    Freesync monitors could be another reason too.
  8. I was going by some of the quick bench's listed on anandtech's comparison. Checked on techpowerup, they're showing the 1060 faster than the fury x both at 1080/1440p for anno 2205, ac syndicate 1080p the 1060 is ahead, 1440p they're pretty much tied, bf3 the r9 fury is ahead by 8-10fps at both 1080/1440p, bf4 they're tied at 1080/1440p, arkham knight gets a 20fps boost from the r9 fury at both resolutions though the 1060 manages 60fps at both resolutions so handles 1440p/60hz, black ops 3 gets around 15fps more with the r9 fury, crysis 3 the fury is ahead of the 1060 by 5fps at both resolutions, fallout 4 the 1060 leads the fury by 30fps at 1080p and they're tied at 1440p, gtaV they're tied at 1080p and the fury has about a 6-8fps lead at 1440p.

    It goes on through several more games, usually they're tied at 1080p and the fury usually ties or gets a 5-10fps advantage at 1440p. Factoring that a 6gb (3gb versions are cheaper yet) 1060 is around 16-20% cheaper while only giving up around 10-12% performance at 1440p it's not half bad. At 1080p it easily ties and in several cases beats the r9 fury.
  9. I'm not really surprised the r9 fury has dropped in price, it was within $20 of the 1070 and there's no doubt the 1070 hands it to the fury. It seems to be similar with amd's gpu's as it is with their cpu's. When something better comes out at a similar price they have no choice but to cut prices a bit. In this case the 1070 being stronger for just $20 more than the original r9 fury price, they lowered it by quite a bit with a $70 discount. That gets it closer to the 1060 which is competing pretty handily with it for $50 less than the sale price.

    The rx 480 is also doing fairly well in the 1080p market undercutting the 1060 by a little bit. I'm not anti amd, I've owned 1 nvidia gpu and the rest ati/amd including my current gpu. However nvidia is forcing amd's hand a bit with the latest 10 series performance and pricing. Just thought it was worth considering the 1060 if the op has the sort of budget that would include the fury. If not the 480 does pretty well for the budget also.
  10. Silicon lottery will play a bigger role than your cooler once you hit subzero cooling.
  11. i5-6600 + R9 Fury is way better than i5-6600K + RX 470, right?
  12. kenrickandbros said:
    i5-6600 + R9 Fury is way better than i5-6600K + RX 470, right?

    Ofcourse. By miles. But 6600 isn't worth it. Go woth the i5 6500.
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