Best airflow case $50-$80

Hello all, just wondering if anyone knows what case would be the best for airflow arround $50-80 whether it comes packed with fans or not, I can add fans later. I was thinking about enthoo m, just wanted some suggestions.

Also, if anyone could suggest any tweaks to my build, would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Yeah the enthoo pro m is a good choice. Airflow isnt really a bid deal, and its more just aesthetics and features. Another good option is the Phanteks P400s. Otherwise your build looks good, but whats the GPU going to be in there?
  2. Thanks! Thats what I was hoping to hear really, hah. As for the gpu, it depends on how long I end up saving up. I'd love to have a 1080, but the 480 seems very good for the price.
  3. Yeah anything in the range between a 480/1060 to a 1080 would be well matched for your cpu.
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