External HDD Files Showing 0 Bytes Permissions Changed please help

I had used my external hard drive for months without any problem, but recently connected it to a friends TV via USB and also to their PC In order to watch some movies on the hard drive. ( I have done this previously without problem)

I was unable to access the folders on the hard drive and later checked on my PC had the same problem.

Using Windows Explorer a number of large folders now show 0 bytes - which I thought meant I had lost all the data.

When I used a program called folder size. It showed all these folders with the correct number of bytes/gigabytes that were inside previously, and when I clicked on these folders within the program I was able to see all of my files, movies, music, etc , but when I try to open them. I did not have permission.

Strangely within the program folder size. All of my data has moved into a folder called found.002 , which suggests to me there was a problem and this folder has been created with the data inside although this is not visible within Windows Explorer as far as I can see.

I have managed to move a small number of files to another drive by going down the change of ownership route. The current owner was unknown. So I changed it to my administrator account and was able to move some files.

Some of the photos when I try to open them using Windows photo viewer say can't be opened because you don't have the correct permissions to access the file location?

The majority of the files would not let me do this. I can see all of the original files, but I can't access them. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can kindly help me.

thank you
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  1. Sorry just thought of something else
    The owner is Mathieu-PC\Administrators
    but in permissions I have only option Mathieu-PC\Mathieu
    could this be causing the problem?
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