Selling Custom PC with SSD and HDD


I am selling my custom built PC which has an SSD (where Win 10 is installed) and also 2 x 1Tb HDDs.

I want to wipe everything clean and securely.

I'm not particularly tech savy, will the windows 10 reset option, with "fully clean" setting, be up to the task?
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    The fully clean option will zero fill the drives before re-installing the OS, so it'll provide complete security that the data on the HDD can't ever be recovered. As for the SSD, it's theoretically possible that some data could be recovered using chip off recovery techniques and analyzing the xor patterns to find residual data that wasn't scrubbed, but it's extremely costly and unlikely that anyone would ever pay for this unless it's related to a forensic investigation. Also many newer SSD's have built-in hardware encryption that makes this impossible anyway.

    So the bottom line is, unless you're storing top secret documents that can't fall into enemy hands, just do the "fully clean" option and don't worry about it. Oh and FYI I'm not sure if that'll clean both drives or just the one you're installing the OS to. You might need to run a tool like Active Killdisk afterward for the non OS drive.
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