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Hello! I have great computer problems. Not problems like technical, but I am obsessed with electronics. Anyway, I have two Sapphire Hd 6970 GPU's (crossfire), An AS Rock 970 Pro 3 and AMD 8320 8 core and am planing to construct a peltier, water cooled system as a science project. Right now ( and I think it's the MB, i'll probably buy a full factor MB before I start) even outside of my case, my GPU gets up to 90-100 degrees Celsius, with a house fan drenching it a full blast with air. I am going to construct a water loop between these three devices (CPU, dual GPU's) with a peltier sandwiched between each processor and cooling with a water system. I just wanted to know if anyone had any immediate concerns, critiques or wisdom to share with me about anything before I begin. Also, why does everything get so dam hot?!!!
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    The heatsink may not have good contact which is causing the high temperatures.

    As for the peltier cooling. You will need a beefy one. 160 watts or higher to cool the system. Id say go for 200 or more watts and make sure to use silicon or something to insulate the tec on the cpu so there is no condensation.

    You will also need to set up a circuit so that it powers on the peltier for about 30 seconds before the computer starts up. If you want to get really fancy, you can use an arduino to control the tec so that its not drawing so much power all of the time.

    The loop will work but you will need alot of radiator space and the gpus will run very very hot as the peltier will put out alot of heat. Unless you decide to put 100 watt tecs on each gpu but then that power adds up. Just the TECs will draw 600-700 watts of constant power. So you will need a beefy power supply to handle that and the pc components.

    Just remember. Insulation is key to get the best temperatures. Have plenty on insulation around the cpu and tec so that no heat from the hot side warms up the cold side. You also want to keep all of the air out or else condensation will ruin your day.

    Something else that you could do is a chilled water loop but then youll have to insulate everything including every bit of tubing. It doesnt look too pretty but it draws less power and runs pretty well. With a chilled loop, you could use a 100 watt peltier to cool it instead of a 200 watt one on each component
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