cpu cooler for intel i7 6700k Skylake(LGA1151)


What would be a good cooler for this CPU, not planning to overclock, price around 40EUR max.
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    Cooler master Hyper 212X for.....40 Euros :D

    I have an i5 4690K OC on a hyper 212 evo and its a great cooler so the 212X should be great too :)

    It is fully compatible with LGA 1151 as well, I checked when I was wondering about my current cooler a while ago :)
  2. Hyper 212 should do all the work for u , on my oced i7-6700k , the temperature is 30c idle and maximum 60c while gaming .(temperatures may vary from a cpu to the other and from a game to the other).
  3. If not overclocking, why not get the i7 6700 non-K, which is €20-30 cheaper and comes with an adequate cooler, saving a total of €60-70?
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