GTA5 Locked at 60 fps (Vsync off) (144hz monitor)


My fps in gta 5 is locked at 60fps, although this might not be a bad thing, i can notice the frame difference from 60 fps and 100 - 144fps due to my 144ghz monitor, i have no idea what it could be as i have vsync off. :/

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Whole system and monitor resolution?
  2. lucas_7_94 said:
    Whole system and monitor resolution?

    Idk if you mean specs but here they are :p

    I7 4790k
    Gtx 970 ssc
    8gb ddr3

    Monitor res - 1920x1080 144hz

    It was never locked at 60fps, just randomly did it one time i logged in.. i have no programs open that could cause this as far as i know.
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