how to reinstal windows on my laptop harddrive useing my dekstop pc

hey all i dowloaded windows 10 for my laptop then it didnt want to charge so now rthe battery is dead and cant get it to charge what i did is foramted it with my dekstop pc (at local dick d and then there i formated it,Is there a way i can reinstal windows on my laptop HDD with my dekstop
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  1. What is not charging if you are talking about laptop it has nothing to do with Windows. If it is not charging it is problem of battery or charger.
  2. well i updated the laptop to windows 10 and osme laptops drivers get overwrited with ac plug
  3. so then the laptop does not charge
  4. what model of laptop do you have
  5. lenovo G40-30
  6. Is it starting when charger is plugged in(without battery)
  7. no its not the harddrive is completely empty there nothing on it so couldnt it be the drivers
  8. did you format the hard disk
  9. Still even with hard disk being formatted the laptop should start and then it should show error message saying no bootable drive found.
  10. yes i formated the hard disc at my comtuer right click and formated
  11. do you have a bootable flashdrive of Windows 10
  12. the biggest problem is laptop doesnt want to power up so cant do nothing i realy dont know what eslse i can do and i can try to ge t1
  13. remove the battery
    unplug the charger
    hold the power button for 30secs

    then plugin the charger
    don't insert the battery
    power your laptop on
  14. nothing happens at all
  15. Is you charger working fine please check
  16. how do i check that
  17. Is there a light on that charger
  18. nope not at all
  19. usally the charger adapter gets warm but not anymore after the windows 10 update
  20. when you plugin the charger is there any light glowing in any part of your laptop
  21. If there is no light then there is a possibility that your charger got shorted
  22. no there no light going on when i plug in the charger on the laptop alot of people told me that it was the windows i dont kn ow what to do anymore need the laptop asap
  23. Do you have charger of other laptop which fits to it. Or if any of your friend or relative have get it and try charging your laptop using it.
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