Is it worth overclocking my 4770K to 4.5GHz?

It needs 1.43v and in most tasks stays under 100c. With some tasks it reaches 100c on some cores and thermal throttles. In games in doesn't go over 82c. It needs that much voltage or I get bluescreens. I really want 4.5GHz. Is there something I can do to get 4.5GHz at a lower voltage? I already tried lowering the cache ratio and it helps a little but not much.
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  1. You're not going to notice the difference between 4.5ghz and 4.3 or 4.2ghz. No reason to push it so hard.
  2. I strongly recommend you:

    1) Buy a better CPU cooler, and

    2) experiment with overclocking (err on the side of caution such as maybe 4.3GHz near 75degC when gaming)

    You are running that CPU way too hot to have it last. Intel recommends in the mid 70degC range for optimal life.

    Examples of cooler:
    a) Cryorig H7
    b) Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
    c) Noctua NH-U12S or U14S

    Then setup an appropriate fan profile with motherboard software to balance noise vs cooling.

    that's arguably the best value, and should be fine with a light overclock (4.3GHz ?)
  4. Compared with the stock 4.4ghz, 4.5ghz is only ~2% faster, which is so small it may not even show up in benchmarks, nevermind being perceptible. Don't kill your chip for a clockspeed increase you won't even be able to perceive.
  5. I have a Corsair H105 cooler. I delidded my CPU. I put arctic silver 5 on the die and IHS. I ran out of thermal compound though and have had to take the CPU out a few times to check my pins. One bent somehow and I had to unbend it. So I've had to reuse the thermal compound I already had put on. I imagine that's not great for temps.
  6. Wait a second.... Who thinks I have a 4790K? I said I have a 4770K. 4.4GHz is by no means stock on my CPU.
  7. ^ I highly recommend leaving it at stock specs, or settling for 4.0ghz at the most.
  8. I just ordered some coollabs liquid pro. I'm going to put that on when it comes and see if I get lower temps. I'm trying 4.3GHz for now.
  9. Now I know something is wrong. I just tried 1.300v and I'm still getting 100c and thermal throttling. I should be getting better temps than I'm getting. I know something is wrong with my thermal paste job or something. It should not be getting that hot at that vcore with my h105 cooler.
  10. Yeah reusing thermal paste will do that. I would shut it down until you get more paste.
  11. I ordered more paste, cleaned my cpu, and cleaned my cooler. Now I'm just waiting for my paste to get here. The old paste wasn't even making good contact. There wasn't even any bond to the cooler. It just came off without any twisting or anything.

    I ordered coollabs liquid pro. My PC will stay shut down until it gets here unfortunately. Good thing I have a laptop.
  12. Update: I found some more thermal paste in a drawer. I'm using it now and temps are only slightly lower at 4.2GHz. It still hits mid 90's with only 1.330v. So I set my multiplier to 41 and I set voltage on auto. Now temps are 79c on OCCT stress test. So it's not doing too bad at those settings. I might just keep it there.
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    Update again: I just found my max stable overclock. It's 102.2x44= 4497MHz. It's so close to 4.5GHz that I'm just going to go ahead and say it is 4.5GHz. I'm getting average temps of around 79c and max temps of about 90c. Though it only stays there for a second and goes back down pretty quickly to the 70's. Temps stay around the mid 70's to upper 60's most of the time with occasional spikes in the 80's and rare spikes to 90c. I'm actually happy with this overclock as it is close enough to the 4.5GHz that I wanted. Anything above 4497MHz will get me blue screens unless I up the voltage to a staggering 1.52v. There's no point in going that much higher for 3MHz.

    I lowered my temps by taking my RAM down to 1866MHz from 2400MHz. I don't know why but that did the trick.
  14. So how much extra performance does that net you?
  15. CTurbo said:
    So how much extra performance does that net you?

    Probably nothing in the applications that I actually use. I'll probably clock it back down for lower energy consumption and a more silent rig. I just felt like I had to know what my max OC was. If I ever need the extra performance it's there but then again by the time I really need the extra MHz I'll be ready to upgrade anyway. I like to run benchmarks sometimes and see higher numbers. Makes me feel better about my computer. If I think I have a slow computer that thought keeps me up at night sometimes. I love computers and I want to have the fastest one I can get. It's not because I need it to be that fast but because I desire it. Why? I don't know completely why but I love having the hardware. I'll test it in the applications I use and see if there's a difference but I'm guessing that the difference would be imperceptible in real world scenarios and barely visible if looking at numbers to show the difference.
  16. I understand. We have all been there.
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