Hard Drive making high pitched noise when reading // writing

Hi, My hard drive is making a weird noise. It has only just started happening here's an audio clip of it (It's the high pitch noise) I'm not too sure on how clear it is but IRL it is annoying.
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware, @LegendEffects_!

    Unfortunately, the recording is not very clear but I'd recommend you to double check the sounds here. I'd also strongly recommend backing up all the data from that hard drive somewhere else before proceeding with the troubleshooting! Better be safe than sorry, right?
    Once you do that, check the health and SMART status using the HDD manufacturer's brand-specific diagnostic utility.
    I'd also suggest you re-seat the hard drive and make sure that these noises are not caused by some loose connection or improper mounting of the drive inside the PC. If you have access to another system, you could also try plugging the drive there to see how it will perform.

    Keep me posted! Hope this helps you! :)
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