Is Outlet Pc a trustable webpage to buy pc components?

Hi, im about to buy a GTX 1070 GPU, and i was looking at prices in PC part picker and i found a website called "Outlet PC" that has the same card as in amazon but 30 usd cheaper, i wanted to know if this page is trusted and if they have fast shipping, cause i will only be in the US for 4 days.
Here is the link: GTX 1070 - Outlet PC

If i cant get that GPU i will buy this one: GTX 1070 - gigabyte - amazon, is it good compared with the other one?

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    Honestly you're better off ordering from Newegg. Outlet PC is one of Newegg's minion sellers and they are known to price gouge on high in demand items like GPUs and CPUs. I would not trust them.
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