PC gets shutdown randomly

Hello guys,

The following is my system configuration:

Motherboard : Asrock Z170 Pro4s
Processor : Intel i3-6100
RAM : G-SKILL 2 x 8GB DDR-4 Memory kit (2400 Mhz)
HDD : 160 GB (WD Sata 3)
PSU : Antec VP450p
GPU : Integrated Graphics (Intel HD530)

Things so far I have checked:

- No overheating issue
- No PSU issue as my another system works fine with this PSU.
- Tried by using single RAM but same problem.

Problem with system:

- Randomly gets shutdown or sometimes get freezed.
- Get stuck even in BIOS menu.
- Can't run memory diagnostic test as pc won't run long enough.

Guys please help me to identify which component has problem so that I can send it for RMA, as all my components are just 7 months old.
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  1. That exactly power supply, not just that model, works fine in another PC? It really sounds like a power supply issue to me. Bad RAM rarely causes a PC to just shut down, nor does a faulty CPU, though I guess anything is possible.

    After the power supply, my next guess would be the motherboard.
  2. Yup that same power supply.
    My second system has following configuration:
    Motherboard: m4a78lt-m le ASUS
    Processor: AMD Phenom II x2 550
    GPU: AMD Radeon 3000 (Integrated Graphics)
    HDD: 500 GB SATA 3 (Segate)
  3. Also one thing I noticed is that whenever my computer gets shutdown some noise comes just like when it starts, I think it might be of HDD but what's your opinion..??
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    You could try pulling the hard drive and one stick of RAM, and scoot around in BIOS for a bit to see if it crashes. Then try the other stick of RAM, then another power supply (if you have one). If that chances nothing, you have pretty much isolated motherboard and processor.
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