Dell Dimension E510 - Stuck in Windows Repair Loop after RAM installation

Title says it all.

Okay, so before I get the "Just buy a new PC, the E510 is a dinosaur", hear me out.

I've currently got 4GB of RAM installed, I'm running Windows 7 64-bit so I know my OS can handle more than that. The motherboard is rumored to be able to run up to 8GB of RAM, but not according to Dell (not listening to them, I was told it wouldn't support Windows 7 either). I am aware of ways to modify the RAM voltage without being in the very restricting BIOS, but I have no idea what to alter when I use a program such as MemSet on

Any ideas?
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    1| If you don't know what you're doing, it's best not to do it in the first place which will eventually lead you buying more hardware and potentially exhausting limited resources.

    2| Is it possible for you pass on an SKU for your Dell Dimension or at least download CPU-Z and parse the images of each tab in the app?

    3| I suppose it may be non existent but are you sure your system is on the latest BIOS? You're going to need that if you want to drop in more ram.

    4| Speaking of dropping in, you should never mix and match ram, you should be going for a kit to max out your memory capacity. Mind you, can you pass on the link to where you found your system can support 8GB of ram? Did you source Crucial's adviser tool? If so then I'd ask you to take that advice with a huge grain of salt since we've dealt with users who used Crucial to state ram compatibility but ended up returning in spite of trying the rams on a system that had a BIOS update and had gone through a lot of hoops.

    If you're yet willing, you can try and drop in 2 of these kits. Though be warned, you must first make sure your BIOS is up to date and if they don't work it's best to return them and invest on a DDR3/4 platform since a DDR3 2x4GB 1866MHz kit costs just as much but has much more bandwidth than what you're seeing on DDR2.

    Getting an OS to run on a system that isn't meant to be run is much different than getting ram to work on a platform it shouldn't run on. You can use the OS/software on another machine but what do you do with outdated hardware that you bought brand new?
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