New Gaming Rig Unstable FPS in league/ Can't even have anything else open while playing. Help Please!

So basically My fps is usually at a stable 130-150 in game but is almost always bouncing around, much much higher at the start of the game and in base starting at 280-300, and before things actually start it will sit around 180 sometimes. In fights the fps will often drop to 100, but goes back up. For some reason the fps likes to go even lower to 90 sometimes but usually when there is a lot going on. Also when the game goes longer, or the action gets more intense It will drop to 80-60 or so which causes a slight shudder effect, or maybe it's just me.. But it gets even worse sometimes and drops to 50 with very noticeable performance drop.

Also, running anything in the background causes a very noticeable slow down in performance. Please any idea or advice would be greatly appreciated. It's very sad after just building this rig that I can literally have zero hopes of streaming :(
I feel it should be performing much stronger.

Thanks for your time!

asus m5a97 le r2.0 motherboard
Rosewill Arc M-650, 650w Power Supply
AMD FX 8320 Black Edition
WD Blue 1TB Hard Drive
Kingston Solid State Drive 120 gb
Hyperx FURY 8gb DDR3 1600 Memory
EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2g SSC- Whisper Silent Cooling
LEPA Smok Series Tower Case
Evermax T40F-TB CPU cooler
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  1. Check you cpu usage while your gaming and see what it's doing.
    It may be throttling? Are the temps high?
    Not the best board for an fx8 chip
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    Try enabling vsync in the settings. It will limit your fps to 60/75/120/144 depending on your monitor refresh rate (max fps your monitor can show). Doesnt matter if you get more fps, your monitor won't show more so no point in getting them. With vsync you'll avoid all those drops. Try it and come here to tell the results :D
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