PC Doesn't Boot Windows if new HDD is installed

Hey all, I have a 2 TB hard drive with me that I wanted to put in my PC but when I do, it doesn't seem to load windows. Without it, the OS launches just fine. What's happening?
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    You need to go into the BIOS and check the boot order. Make sure the system isn't trying to boot from the new hard drive.
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    Change the boot order in your BIOS
  3. It's set to the SSD I had it originally on, also the "new" hard drive does have Win 10 on it but drivers from the last PC it was on... might that be the conflict?

    (It was healthy when I took it out, just didn't use the old system for anything really but storage so I decided I wanted to put it in the current system)
  4. If the SSD is set to the first boot device with this drive connected then there is no reason it should not boot.
  5. What MIGHT happen is this: when you install the HDD, your BIOS detects that change and, all by itself, re-sets the boot order to use that unit first. You would not know this without checking. So, install the HDD and then boot up immediately into BIOS Setup. Go to where the boot priority is set up and make sure it is still booting from the SSD, AND that the 2TB HDD is NOT anywhere in the boot sequence. SAVE and EXIT and see if that works.
  6. That's how it was set without me changing it... hmm..
  7. So, did you change it back to what you want and then SAVE your changes?
  8. Yes
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