Computer starts then shuts off and restarts after 20 Seconds

Im 16 and my family's computer starts then after 17 - 20 seconds it shuts off and restarts to do the same thing all over again. The moniter doesn't even light up nor the mouse's light. Please i need your help! Im desperate. It did this before so i got it to a friend who could fix it but when he turned it on in his place everything seemed fine. It turned on and it didnt restart and stuff. But then when i took it to my house and turned it on but it still kept on restarting then i tried plugging it in another socket thinking it was the power supply the for some reason after a lot of trys it worked finally. Then after month it kept restarting again then i couldn't turn it on even when i plugged it in another socket. I'd really be happy if you guys could help. :/
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    Was the power supply tested or replaced?
    Have you checked the motherbd for bad capacitors? You can visit and on the right side of the page are example pics of what to look for.

    At this point I suspect its one or both of those causing your problems.
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