Possible dead Dimms?

MOBO: MSI 970 Gaming
CPU: FX-6350
MEM: Corsair Vegeance Pro DDR3 (4 x 8GB) @ 2133
OS: Win10 64 bit

My problem is that the mobo reads mem in Dimm 1, won't boot in any other slot. If I try dual dimm it won't boot. It boots when all dimms are used but then I have issues with blue screen error when I try to run games, only resolved when I remove the other mem except the one in dimm 1. Also even with all dimms used only reads 8GB and speed always reads 1333 MHz try to make it 2133 and it wont boot. Are the dimm slots bad?
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    AMD FX CPUs support 1866MHz with one DIMM per channel.
    AMD FX CPUs support 1600MHz with two DIMMs per channel.
    Higher frequencies require an overclocked system.
    The MSI 970 Gaming is a dual channel memory motherboard.

    Use of randomly purchased single modules or multiple memory kits is not recommended as they have never been tested together.
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