gigabyte gtx 960 2gb ddr5 and gtx 750 ti 2gb WINDFORCE

Hey guys,
The gigabyte gtx 750 ti 2gb ddr5 WINDFORCE is 1032 MHZ core speed and 110 MHZ boost clock while the gigabyte gtx 960 2gb ddr5 WINDFORCE is 1190 MHZ core speed and 1253 MHZ boost clock... So if i overclocked the 750 ti to be the same core speed and boost clock will i receive the same performance of the gtx 960? or it's just a rumor i heared?
Thanks guys <3
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    The 960 is way better and no amount of overclocking will make the 750ti perform similarly.
  2. Ditto, entirely different graphics chip, it is simply impossible for the 750ti to reach anywhere near 960 performance with overclocking.
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