Changed CMOS Battery and now having some minor issues with Windows 7.

I just recently swapped out the CMOS battery because the previous was dying.

Here are the steps that I took after putting in the new CMOS battery:
1. Moved jumper
2. Turned on PC and changed time settings, save. Received notification to return jumper to original position.
3. Shut down PC, did just that.
4. Everything looks okay. Time and date is consistent even after restarting.

Now the problem I have is that I can't pin anything to the start menu or taskbar.
The option to do so is there but clicking on it does nothing.

If I right click the Taskbar and go to Properties, any changes I make in the Taskbar and Start Menu tab doesn't save when I open it again. Toolbars tab is fine.

Another problem I had is with Firefox always asking me to set it as default browser even though I already did that. The fix I did to this was by accessing the Control Panel and setting it as the default program through there. It didn't work.

I've already tried running in safe mode and the pinning doesn't work.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional, by the way.

I could very much use your help.
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    When you take battery out, more than just time changes, everything goes to safe factory defaults. Try reading in Enhanced defaults or whatever like that goes for in your BIOS.
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