Power Requirement Dual GTX 1080 + I7-6800k

I current have the following specs just need to assemble it today.

I7-6800k (Will OC to 4.0-4.2GHZ)
X99 Gigabyte pheonix Motherboard
64GB of ddr4 ram, 4 x 16gb
950 Pro NVME
Blu-ray burner LG 16x
RM850I powersupply

GTX 1080 Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming
I have a 2nd one in mail from newegg that is being processed'

Will my power supply i bought run my build when i add a 2nd GTX 1080 or best to send it back.
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  1. Yes 850w is plenty for that setup.
  2. Thanks, i been trying to use the online calculator but lots of mixed singles.

    Would be very mad if my $3,000 present to my self doesn't work good.

    Good thing the wife has not seen the bills for it, HAHA!!!
  3. 850 is perfect.

    I went and bought a 1050w just because I could. :3
  4. Will the 850 fan run more than if i got a 1000 watt?

    These all parts that are at my house or in the mail.
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    kbr0125 said:
    Will the 850 fan run more than if i got a 1000 watt?

    When you are at that level of power draw (over around 40% of the PSU's capacity) the fan will be running either way. It doesn't make a difference thats worth it.
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