DDC pump and reservoir attachment...

i am currently planning a custom water loop with a DDC pump to include for now just a cpu however iv got a ddc pump with a heatsink attached already however i saw an ek ddc pump top and see where the pump attaches but not where i can screw in a reservoir attachment. Also apart from a bitspower upgrade kit i cant seem to find a mount from the reservoir tubing directly to the ddc pump top without the need for a small male to male 1/4 inch connector. I was wondering if there was anything i could take a look at? Iv seen many systems that bypass the need for the male to male connector but im not sure how as i am very new to this, any input would be great guys thank you. Below is a list of my current ideas and systems iv seen that dont use the male to male connector:

ddc pump and heatsink:

ek ddc top:

systems with the design i require:
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  2. rubix_1011 said:

    I was looking for something a little more like a cylinder reservoir with a round or square base where the pump is with no gap inbetween like iv seen with d5 pumps but i think im just going to go with a male/male g1/4 connector.
  3. Yes, those are DDC reservoir tops. They make those - the link I provided has several.
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