Using *OC rated memory on Mobo or just buy faster RAM?

I've got a GD45Plus mobo currently with 32GB 1600Mhz rated ram at default speed with an i7 4820k.

I've got 2 choices - mess around with the current ram and overclock it... or can I just drop in some 2400 rated new RAM now this is avaiable off the shelf. Or does the OC rating mean I've got to change MOBO settings to get to those speeds - and increase the CPU at the same time? I've read the Tom's guide on over clocking ram - but tbh - I value my time so would perf to swap out if that's going to be possible. Only need 16GB now I'm not doing DB work on the box, (though as it's quad channel and I don't see many 4GB simms I may end up with 32GB again anyway).

The GD45 Plus is rated for : DDR3 1066/1333/1600/1800*/2133*/2400*(*OC) so what I'm wanting to know is can I just drop in 2400 SIMMS with little effort. I think the answer is probably NO!

I've got a rig I built for generic database use (Twin 250GB SSDs c: for windows and system apps d: for database engine and master data, then 2x3TB 7200rpms for user databases and media files.

And a bit of gaming originally with an R9 280X but has now been converted to a VR rig with the addition of a MSI GTX1080 founders edition (currently over clocked to 1800MHz) and an HTC Vive. I went socket 2011 to give flexibilty deopending on where my business went - if database stuff went well i7 would have be swapped to xeon - otherwise it would become a gaming rig. I'm now starting a Mobile VR business ... Databases are boring ;-) So gaming it is then.

Reading around the forums it seems my [S**t] memory may be bottle necking the system when I'm playing Project Cars. Other VR titles work fine but as PCars is a full title not a limited sized environment / VR demo, I can basically hit only 45fps with frame reprojection instead of the full 90fps the HTC Vive needs (stops you getting doubled images if you look out the side of the car and jitter when you move your head ). I've been watching in MSI after burner and the GPU is running at less than 50% sometimes. I intially thought it was thermal throttling but it's hovering aroudn 75 degeres when 82 is currently max. CPU was running at 25-30% but I've disabled hyperthreading and seen that rise to 60% and a massive increase in performance... I couldn't use AA previously and had to leave all setting on low. But now am able to use 2xAA in game with a 1.3x Supersample set in the SteamVR settings. With medium shadow detail and car detail. Looks ok but I'm after a full 90fps and better resolution / smooothing. Shows a lot of forum opinion on hyperthreading are just that - disable it or not... well give it a go and retest!

Bizzarely the GTX1080 can make Pcars hit 80-fps with all settings set to ultra running on a HD monitor - so the VR is adding one heck of an overhead to do those stereo images and a 640x480 spectator image on the monitor.
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    "(*OC)" Translates to "Put the RAM in and enable Intel X.M.P.". At high speeds like 2400MHz (with DDR3 at least) they can't guarantee 100% stability at stock settings however. It's basically their way of saying that roughly 99% of the time you can just slot it in and run fine, but there's that 1% where you may have to do stuff like bump up the voltage to the CPU's memory controller or boost the DRAM voltage (or adjust timings if you want to avoid touching voltages).
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